Friday, April 27, 2012

Wonderfest news & other updates

It is official! I'm a guest at this year's Wonderfest! Behold my profile from the Wonderfest website:

Also, I did this art for the Wonderfest kids t-shirts this year:

I did the art in B/W, because the shirts are going to be a one or two color screen print. But then I started thinking about just making a limited color version for fun. This is what I came up with:

I thought it turned out cute, so I decided that I would use it for my new blog banner. 

ZaPow! is having their "May the Fourth be with You" Star Wars themed gallery show & party next Friday (on May 4th). Here is the poster for the event.

I think it's going to be a real good time, so if you are in the area, come check it out. I DID get my piece finished for the show, it has been printed, and I'll be picking it up and taking to the gallery next week. I will post the final art next Thursday, the day before the show opening. So until next Thursday...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Small updates, more to come

Wow! For those of you who use blogger, you must know they've changed the set up. I'm so confused!

Just a few things I wanted to mention. I have prints for sale through the awesome gallery ZaPow! Here is link to the prints that are available. I still have my prints for sale page active, where you can buy them directly from me, but I may disable it soon and just work through the gallery site. I will have work at the gallery through June, and depending on how well I do there will determine whether or not I'm going to keep my wall space. As long as I sell enough prints to cover my space rental each month, I'll continue to use it. If not, I'll probably have to withdraw. I would like to stay through October, as I have plans to make prints & cards with my Halloween art. But if I can't cover my rent there with sales, keeping the space is not an affordable option. Sales have been pretty good so far, so we shall see.

In other ZaPow! news, they will have a group show opening on Friday, May 4. The show is 'May the Fourth Be With You', a Star Wars tribute show. I am working on something new for this show, and hopefully will have it done in time. I've been crazy busy with work and deadlines, so I can't promise I'll be a part of it. However, I do have something in the works, and it will be available as a very limited edition print. I won't say what I'm doing yet, but it's a single character, one that appears breifly in 'Return of the Jedi'. I will post it here with links to the gallery, and I'll try to post it the day before the show.

Also, my Vertigo prints are for sale through the Gallery 1988 website. Go check out some of the amazing pieces created for this show. I was kind of amazed at how many 'Birds' pieces there were. Seemed like a lot.

For those of you making the journey to Wonderfest this year, I will be there with prints for my THIRD year! I'll have some new prints and some old favorites. My name isn't listed on the site yet, but I will be in dealer room B again. Wonderfest is in Louisville, KY, May 26-27.

And last of all, I did something wild & crazy. I entered a contest on DeviantArt. Wow! As I've mentioned before, I love DA, it's my favorite time waster. I usually ignore the contests and stuff they've got going on BUT they are having a Dark Shadows contest called 'The Barnabas Portrait Project'. The contest is basically to draw Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins. And hey, what do you know, I just did that last month. So I added a few little things to my 'Can You Dig It, Man' piece, slapped it on an official contest  template and submitted it. I don't imagine that I'll win, but since I have a stake in it now, I am interested to see what pieces do win. I've actually been picking out my own personal favorites as it's been going along. Might dedicate a post to it once the contest is over, which is next Tuesday.

Until next time, I'm off to do some more work!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Madeleine/Judy Vertigo poster for Gallery 1988's Hitchcock Tribute show

I'm very pleased to share with you all my SECOND contribution to an upcoming group show with Gallery 1988! Opening tomorrow night (Friday the 13th), it's 'Suspense & Gallows Humor' A tribute show to Alfred Hitchcock.
When I was asked to be part of this show, there was no question in my mind of what I would do. 'Vertigo' is not only my favorite Hitchcock film, but it happens to be one of my favorite films ever. I'll put it this way, if I ever had to make a list of my favorite top 10 films of all time, this one would make that list. Some of you might remember a piece that I did in 2009 for the CHFB Hitchcock challenge, if not you can see it here.