Saturday, August 3, 2013

No More Mr. Nice Guy & I LOVE Posca

'No More Mr. Nice Guy' • Posca Paint Markers & Acrylic on Canvas • 12x24" • $225

I haven't been doing much new art lately, but I did manage to produce this piece for ZaPow's Rock & Roll group art show. This is also officially my first 'painting' that I'm putting up for sale.

This piece was mostly created with Posca paint markers, the new love of my life. This is a pic of my 2nd batch of pens that came last week. My first batch was mostly orange shades, for Halloween art.

They are really awesome! If you're interested, I got mine here at Durable Supply. Also artist Joseph Tubbs has some great videos featuring introduction to Posca markers, along with tips & tricks. One video in particular was super helpful when I was crying that my big black marker seemed to be all dried up. Guess what? You can open the markers up & add water to revive them! Check out his videos here.

Tonight is ZaPow's reception for the Rock & Roll art show, come check it out if you're able!