Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Dark Shadows of Video Watchdog

Hey everybody! I just wanted to share my Dark Shadows pieces from the newest issue of Video Watchdog magazine!! I also wanted to let you know that if you are interested in prints of these, they will be available in late September. I originally only had prints of Barnabas, but those are almost gone. I'll be doing a big print run next month that will include these and many of my Halloween themed pieces. In the meantime, run out and get your copy of this terrific magazine today!!


  1. Spectacular work as always! Looking forward to your Halloween stuff as always too! Will be writing you back here shortly...things are getting crazy with one week left before school. Micheal's had some cool resin skeleton hands and their first row Halloween stuff. It's coming! :o)

  2. Thank you Wendy!
    I look forward to hearing back from you when you get some free time.
    I went back to Michael's on Friday, and they had put our much more Halloween stuff. Unfortunately, I was in a hurry (just had to stop in to get a sketch pad) so I didn't get to spend the quality time I wanted to in there. I shall try next week.
    Also, I understand that Yankee Candle has put out it's Halloween candles & someone on facebook posted the cover to the new Matthew Mead Halloween Book/Magazine. I wonder if you have to order it, I think last year's you couldn't get at stores, you had to order it online. The person on facebook mentioned they would be doing a review of it, but now I can't find who it was.

  3. I will reply soon, I promise. Kids start school next week, so it's been crazy! But I'll finally have some me time...I hope! I'm curious about the Matthew Mead Book, if you find out whether it's order only or in stores, let me know! Rick just stopped by my closest Home Good and said they had a bunch of Halloween stuff out and were putting more out. So I am heading out as soon as I can get ready. The best stuff goes fast! :o)

  4. Whenever you have time, is fine! I know you're busy. I'm pretty busy too. I bet that Home Goods here has started putting out stuff. I'll probably go next week if I can. I should have a little cash then. If I go now, I'll just be sad that I can't buy anything. Even though it's always fun to look. :)
    I'm very anxious to see if Martha will put out a Halloween mag this year. I hope so, but it's usually every other year or so. I see so many people that like it & buy it, maybe she'll take the hint that we want more Halloween!!

  5. Amazing work! I hope you make prints of all three available :)

  6. Yes, I will have all three coming up in September! I'll post about it when they are ready! Thanks!