Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Countdown to Halloween 2013

Well, it's October 1st, and I hate to say that I am NOT countdown ready. No new finished art, no new banner, and haven't even put up this year's badge. I'm not even 100% sure that I'll be participating at all this year. I'm not going to say that I won't be participating, but I guess I'll figure that out in the next day or two. 2013 has been one of the worst years ever for me in a long time. I would like to try to pull up my Halloween pants, like a big girl, and have some fun.
In the meantime, the participants for this year's Countdown to Halloween have been posted. I'm looking forward to going through the list as soon as I can.


  1. Sorry to hear that things have been rough Shana - hoping October proves to lift your spirits. :)

  2. Life gets in the way, dammit! Here's to a great October, anyway! Enjoy!

  3. Thanks! Hopefully things will get better as the month progresses.

  4. Hey Girl...Just wanted to stop by here and wish you a Very Happy Halloween! I can so empathize, as this has been one of the worst years yet for me as well....and I'm still in the throws of it. I haven't been around since Aug., and just made one Halloween post to say where I've been. I can only wish for a better year next year for you and me both. Take care...miss ya!
    ~ Wens

    1. Missed your wonderful Halloween posts this year. This year has been pretty terrible, I'm hoping that next year will be better!