Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Ideals 1976-78


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  1. Happy Halloween Belle Dee! Can't believe it came and went so fast....guess it always does. Hope you enjoyed the evening. We did make it up your way this October and LOVED it! I am ready to move. I've always wanted to live in/near the mountains...and where there are all 4 seasons, especially Autumn! So now we are beginning to put a plan into action to see if we can't get up there permanently in the next couple of years. Might buy/rent a small place to stay, and start coming up as often as we can, until we can one day move permanently. The city was crazy and artsy and very vibrant. We even did the ghost tour! Hear it's supposed to snow today or tomorrow, so stay warm my friend! And a Very Magical Hallowe'en to you and yours! ~ Wendy